Monday 11 July 2011

Looking up :)

Things are really looking up;  I have work hanging in Bay gallery, but there is still some in the studio for visitors to see.  I finished the sculptural work on my merman today but I am still not sure what to call him.  A new commission beckons ... an Earth Goddess for a friends garden, wise, beautiful and alluring is the remit, with a face which says everything and nothing.  Sounds right up my street.

We are now gettting over 200 hits a month so the increase is exponential, thank you to everyone for visiting.  I shall do my best to keep making interesting things and to keep posting interesting stories :)

In the meantime there are two links I recommend...     and   the second one you have to be a fan and log into face book to see but it is well worth it....oooo!!  Pretty fractals :))

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