3D Glass Mosaic

Heather Sprite 2010,  glass mosaic and coloured grout on a ceramic substrate.  A commissioned piece which now sits in a private collection
Concentric Dreams 2011, glass mosaic and coloured grout on a ceramic substrate.  The everyman/woman face explores interfaces - the discrete and continuous, perception and reality, chaos and order.  The inset pieces have been covered in mirror so that they play with ones perception of depth.  This piece is for sale please email for details.
Elegantly Punk 2010, ceramic, glaze and glass mosaic with coloured grout.  She is based on a hair styling by Vivienne Mackinder who has a take on high fashion that I have always loved.  She is a semi portrait of a very Caucasian girl who has the most beautiful blue eyes.
Mercury Dawn 2009, ceramic, glaze and glass mosaic.  The second of two, the first of which is in a private collection.
Isobelle 2010, ceramic, glaze and coloured grout.  The cap resembles that of a maid, a serving wench - it is beautiful, slightly mysterious and sparkles like a tiara.  In her mind and life she is a rich woman regardless of her position.  She came through a meditation on the position of women in societies.

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  1. GlassBoundaries19 July 2012 at 06:51

    I love these glass mosaic pieces. Each one is a work of art. There's something about glass that's so beautiful, like in Perth pool glass fencings I've seen.