Tuesday 27 September 2011

Castles, history and thank you....

I've spent the last few days reading interpretation plans for the castles of Edward I and the Princes of Gwynedd.  This is to prepare myself for a meeting tomorrow with Cadw about interpretive art for Conwy Castle.  It's all great stuff - Kings and Princes, strong wives and back stabbing dynasty's, add to this stunning scenery forged through apparent geological era's and you have some grand exciting stories to be told,  Let's hope I get to help tell it :)
a rock face from Conwy Castle - beautiful red and buff sand stone

To help prepare I went to Bangor Museum where they have some excellent examples of original medieval tile work for use in large mosaics.  I also went to Bangor Cathederal, what a place!!  I actually touched the stone carved replica of a sword on the top of the tomb of Owain Gwynedd who died over 800 years ago, that stone mason made that sword over 800 years ago!! I got excited, getting in touch with history :)

A big thank you to everyone who visits and a special thank you to those who tell their friends, we have just gone past the 1000 unique visitors point, a milestone in blogging I reckon :))

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