Thursday 22 December 2011

Discrete or continuous? Or are we both?

This talk is powerful, beautiful and very informative.  I have had a couple of transcendent experiences and understand exactly what she is talking about, many of us experience it briefly during orgasm.  Drugs can help us to shortcut but can be dangerously quick.  Some people dismiss it as a mere experience akin to drug highs and dreams but that is to misunderstand the incredible importance of individual experience and hence behaviour.  We are all part of one World whether or not we are all part of a universal energy field (which I happen to think we probably are, no mysticism, sound physics) our experience and subsequent behaviour effects and affects ALL around us and as chaos theory predicts; little perturbations can cause seemingly unrelated outcomes.  So whether you choose to see these experiences as 'real' or purely subjective really doesn't matter, the point is to just know and to feel.  If we could all experience 'oneness' it would make hurting our neighbours (human or otherwise) much harder.

So are we part of an energy continuum or are we discrete beings ....?  Now that is something only you can decide because, for now, it is a rooted in belief (something which should never be applied to science).

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