Monday 9 January 2012

'Divide and Multiply' by blackcutwitch

The faces!!!  I see them in everything and even when I don't try they are there .......

I have decided to call this 'Divide and Multiply' it is about the geological and anthropological history of our planet and their interaction - at times constructive at others destructive.  The background picture is a very special rock called the 'Arrow Stone' which was used by bronze age man to sharpen his/er blades on, hence the defined markings.  I took a picture which had a startling strong face emerging from it - an alien, aggressive face.  The other picture I used is of a rusting hull falling into dilapidation.  The iron made, the iron rotted, the decaying remains of human existence.  I mapped the hull onto an elliptical sphere and used processing techniques to imply our made World spread out across ancient lichens and rock courtesy of Mother Nature.  The globe lightens and darkens suggesting our complex and ambiguous relationship with our planet.

Ta for your visit :)x

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