Thursday 23 February 2012

Bangor Open Art Exhibition 2012 Mawrth 3 March - Ebrill 14 April Arddangosfa Gelf Agored


Blackcutwitch Designs is very pleased to announce that Christina J Phillips' work will be on display at Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery from March 3rd to April 14th.  This annual exhibition is curated by a panel of selectors from submission by artists living and working all over Wales.

The Museum & Gallery building sits in the very heart of Bangor, with the Bible Gardens and beautiful and very historic Cathedral opposite.  This Cathedral is said hold the gravestone of Owain Gwynedd (@12th century), one of the first Princes of Gwynedd, and has infamous Thomson mice - if you can find them, and original 12th century tile work - if you ask nicely they'll show it to you :)  Definitely well worth a visit.

The Cathedral has been renovated many times and some of the very early tile and stone works have been kept in the Museum & Gallery and are on display upstairs.  The Museum & Gallery is a hidden gem of Bangor, although it is right in the centre it is set back off the road by the bus stations in its own tranquil space beside a small park and is easily overlooked.  I found myself attracted by the view through the windows on a winters afternoon of beautiful and interesting art works.  Me and my son are now regular visitors.  The Museum has a marvelous display of history from stone age tools to Victorian ceramics and I still find something new to look at every time I go.  Over the period of the Open Art Exhibition downstairs the museum is going to be running CHANGING SHAPE an exploration of changing shapes in fashion from the museums extensive costume collection.

The pieces by Christina Phillips that will be on display are the glass mosaic mask ...

Concentric Dreams 2011, ceramic sculpture covered in glass mosaic  
A Physics/Math inspired piece about the strange place where the discrete meets the continuous.

and ....

Earth Womb 2011, ceramic sculpture - over-fired for a darker colour and finished with a beeswax  polish
A piece which sees the Earth as a womb for evolution and the intelligence which may yet destroy it!  Thank you to all of you who voted for pieces when I asked for your help.  Tatiana Storm Queen won but her mounting system was not suitable for the gallery so Earth Womb took her place.

In previous years artists have exhibited who are now on display in the Saatchi gallery in London, why don't you see if you can spot the next big artist from Wales?  Work will be on view from a broad range of disciplines and a breadth of styles.

The opening hour are Tues - Fri 12.30 to 4.30, Sat 10.30 to 4.30

For a great day out in the spring Bangor Cathedral, the Museum & Art Gallery and Bangor Pier.

There is a scone and tea shop at the end of the pier, Blue Sky Cafe and 1815 are both very nice bistro/cafes in town, open from 10 am, and you can collect some fresh mussels to go home with from Bangor docks.

Read more about the Cathedral here;  and here;

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