Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I need your help, please ....

I am going to be entering the Bangor Open Exhibition this year, held at Bangor Museum and Art Gallery in March.  I have decided I will be entering 'Concentric Dreams' but am finding it very difficult to decide which should be the second piece that I enter.  CAN YOU HELP ME?  If you have five minutes please take a look at the following pieces and tell me which one you think I should enter........

Tatiana Storm Queen 2011
I have always found the best people to ask if I am a bit unsure about something is my fans, friends and followers.  They always have a strong opinion about my stuff and are not afraid to say it, lovely people :)x
Elegantly Punk 2010

Earth Womb 2011
The Lady 2011

Theoretically Speaking I 'Flower Cup' 2010

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Thank you :)