Wednesday 8 February 2012

I need your help, please ....

I am going to be entering the Bangor Open Exhibition this year, held at Bangor Museum and Art Gallery in March.  I have decided I will be entering 'Concentric Dreams' but am finding it very difficult to decide which should be the second piece that I enter.  CAN YOU HELP ME?  If you have five minutes please take a look at the following pieces and tell me which one you think I should enter........

Tatiana Storm Queen 2011
I have always found the best people to ask if I am a bit unsure about something is my fans, friends and followers.  They always have a strong opinion about my stuff and are not afraid to say it, lovely people :)x
Elegantly Punk 2010

Earth Womb 2011
The Lady 2011

Theoretically Speaking I 'Flower Cup' 2010

There is a comments box below or you can contact me on fb, twitter or G+ .
Thank you :)


  1. Goodness!! Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to decide. so far I have had votes for all but Flower Cup and Earth Womb is winning .....

    1. Well my personal favourite is 'Flower cup' but I have been fortunate enough to see most of your work in person, and images on screen don't truly express the feel, or emotions that your pieces evoke Christina. There's nothing like seeing it, and being able to touch it in person. It enables you to understand the three dimensional quality that, for me, brings it to life, and sparks the eagerness to want to own it, or experience more of it.
      Flower cup is beautiful and very tactile. I would like it on every windowsill and mantelpiece. But despite the attraction I feel for it, I think that Tatiana and Elegantly punk showcase your skills best, and would therefore be the stronger pieces for submission. Earth womb however, is in a league of its own. Difficult to decide! I love the creativity, and I think it demonstrates how you can use the medium to express yourself and emotions in a way that the other pieces can't. Earth womb is the most tactile and interactive piece, evoking curiosity, arousal and contemplation, whilst directing a narrative personal journey that leaves me wanting more...
      Good luck with the votes Christina! It's a toughy! I adore the coloured mosaics and fine details of some,and equally the raw emotion and visual stories that other pieces depict. Maybe thoughts of who the audience may be, may help... although 'there is no accounting for some peoples taste' tongue in cheek - so difficult to know what the judges will find most pleasing?!