Tuesday 17 April 2012

I love this ....'I have a job thanks'

The link below will take you to a brilliant post by a really talented artist who is sick and tired of people seeing being an artist as a second class job, or not even a job at all.  Most of my friends are inspired by what I do and are right behind me but there are a couple who I see looking worried or sad and I just want to shake them out of it.  I AM AN ARTIST who happens to have worked very hard at studying Mathematics and Physics as well.  I was born an artist I just didn't realise until I was older and had the confidence to be it.  It is what comes naturally to me, I cannot stop doing it, so why shouldn't I try to market it and make a living from it.  So it is hard, so what?  I am lucky to have been born with such an immense talent and drive that I will not disgrace Mother Nature by not doing it.

I am lucky - I have had sales and recognition already so even when things get tough I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a very supportive partner who loves what I do and wants me to do it, and I get a big reward and some hard cash out of teaching people Math and Science, especially those having real trouble with it.  Teaching people with learning problems is a creative process too, each requires a different approach.

I have started on a new range of masks which will be more affordable and easier to market, this is with a design partner so it will not stop me from making my 'pure' art.  Personally I cannot separate the commercial stuff from the high art stuff or the teaching, it is all from me, it is all creative and ultimately it is all about communication.  The only regret is that I cannot split into two and do MORE :))

Please take a look she writes really well too (multitalented!!)  Chrissy Mount-Kapp

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