Sunday 12 May 2013

A new piece from the artist Christina J Phillips - What a Man?

Finally got the piece fired and photographed then it has taken another two weeks to find the time to process and post the photographs¬!!¬  Gagh!  It's hard work being a 'working' artist :))  In this case work as in for which is interesting and far more fun than I ever would have dreamed, however, it is full on and trying to find the time to do art and art business is difficult.

What a Man, is in plain grogged red clay fired hard to darken it.  It has a marvellous random texture and colour, challenging and inspiring.  The piece is a journey into a Lacanian view of man and maleness - the other created by media and social norm's as it might be perceived


So, what else has BlackCutWitch been up to .....?

 -  entered a competition at with two of my erotic pieces; Rodeo Girl and A Taste of Things to Come.  For details see erotica above but be warned, this is very kinky clay........

 -  put some mask and jewellery stock into Sam's Cafe in Llanberis.  She has some lovely local artist's and crafter's work in their and a great atmosphere to have your organic fair trade tea or coffee in.  She does the most amazing lemon drizzle cake I have ever tasted.  I am going to take some tea pots in for her to use as display, hopefully raise a few smiles ......

 - I apologise that the Etsy shop has been down.  My card ran out on the PP account so more sorting out to do!! It is in hand and will be fixed soon with new stock in the shop......

Thanks for your visit, as soon as I can spend 5 sorting some of the atmospheric early morning photographs collected on my daily dog walk I shall post for you lovely peeps x.

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