Friday 17 June 2011


To all those who have gone to Westbourne Grove in the last couple of days to see the exhibition I am sorry.  The group exhibition was closed early due to mismanagement.  Yesterday I had to drive down to London and back in one day to get all my pieces, it took 16 hours in all and £80 in petrol.  I was not impressed!  If you made the effort to go thank you and if you got to see nothing or couldn't go I hope to put up a gallery on here soon.  I shall put up a post next week detailing everything that went wrong and what the final outcome was, suffice to say too many people just out for their own interests.  I hope it will serve as a salutatory story to which other artists can refer when deciding on how to approach exhibitions, agents and galleries.  In the meantime artistic content coming soon and I hope you all have a good weekend, thank you for reading :)

p.s.check this out it is soooo cool  :)

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