Monday 20 June 2011


is going to be a bit different from now on.  I can't post from my phone so the short pithy tales directly from the studio as I make I won't be able to do any more.  From now on it will be posts every few days of what I have been up to artistically plus a few thoughts.

Last week was dreadful; I found out some distressing facts which have caused me to send my agent my notice today.  I also found out that the funding which I had been told I would 'almost certainly get' for my MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography has been oversubscribed and I have fallen off the bottom of the list.  I love my art but it pays rarely even when one works really hard, I had hoped to specialise in modelling the dynamics of renewable technologies in the ocean environment.  It seems to me that we, as humans, have screwed up so often because of a lack of forethought that surely people who specialise in predictive systems in new industries are something we need?  Maybe I just chose the wrong place to try to do it?

By the end of the week I felt like giving it all up and trying for a job at Tesco, though they would probably tell me I was overqualified!!  However, I am an incredibly lucky person and cannot forget this, the first of the pictures above is the view from my walk home from dropping my son off at school, the second is from our garden last night.  I also have an understanding, loving partner and a lovely son, and my studio is in my front garden with beautiful views of Snowdonia.  How could I be unhappy or feel hard done by, that would be ungrateful in the extreme when so many people in this World have so much less.

So!!  I picked myself up and started working again :)  The first pic is of the mask which I made for a fancy dress party; 'dark bride' was the theme I chose.  If you would like something like this or a more complex papier mache piece please ask, you'll be chuffed at how affordable it is and it's something you can use to decorate your house for always as mine does.  The second pic is me back at work getting the clay out :) The box like structure is a base for my Merman; a beautiful male, half fish, half human creature asleep on a man made plinth his head on a soft pillow, his tale shimmering.  How did he get there?  Will he wake and see us watching him?  Watch this space for more updates and thank you for following and for reading, it is partly my ever increasing site traffic that keeps me going and that, is you :)x

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