Friday 27 January 2012

Disposable Crisis @Contrastique

What a week!  I have discovered the joys of Google+ and have had my photographs and works seen and liked by many.  I have been asked to do another interview for Pythagoras Trouser, the science program (see post below) about the link between my art and science, and I am getting involved in a new project, see

This is a project using good old fashioned film to get photographers from all over the world to take a few photographs about how the financial crisis has affected their lives.  The contributions may be positive or negative but what an amazingly clever way to document these turbulent times.

I feel that people are coming together where they can through a commonality, which is that most of us are part of the 99%.   At last we are all acknowledging that the power should really be ours.  Hopefully it signals the beginning of a new start for human culture so that we can continue to evolve and stop being held back by rampant greed and selfishness.

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