Thursday 26 January 2012

Blog revamp

I've been playing with the design of my blog, finally found out how to put my own pic in the background and changed the colour scheme accordingly.  In case you're a blogger who wants to know go to design tempate, click on the background picture box and it will bring up a selection of pic's.  Now go to upload image at the top of the list.  You'll need to make sure the image isn't too big.  More advice here

This week I have discovered the joys of G+ if you are into beautiful images it rocks.  Here are a few that I have shared on there this week that I'd like my friends who are wedded to fb and twitter to see too....

They are all at only 1/2 meg so you can use them if you want but please credit me.  If you would like to see full res versions please get in touch.

Thank you for your visit :)

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