Tuesday 24 January 2012

Tatiana Storm

The teacher got it wrong and my week of experience (!) is now to be next week.  So I have been working on Tatiana and learning loads about how to use GIMP - still not sure if she is finished but I am a lot happier with it now. She is cooking up a storm in her head!   All opinions gratefully received, ta for your visit :)


  1. Christina,
    Tatiana looks serene in the face of turmoil, darkness & brewing thunder.
    That was my strong first impression, and second look says somewhat disconnected from her surroundings.
    Yours truly,

  2. That's a great first impression. I think you're right about the disconnect too. I tried puting cloud across her face but it just didn't work. I have put a slightly painterly canvas effect over it now which helps but I think she'll need a different setting to get her to truly blend.

    Thank you so much for the feedback it is invaluable.