Sunday 22 January 2012

Pythagoras Trousers interview...

Had to get up early yesterday (pre 9am on a Saturday is early for me!) to do an interview over Skype with Rhys Phillips from the science radio program; Pythagoras Trousers.  It was more difficulkt than I expected, it's not the same when you are sitting at home with a coffee and not in front of people doing a presentation.  Different but not easier!  Any way it went well and will be on Radio Cardiff in the next couple of weeks - I shall keep you informed.  

I recommend the program that I am currently listening to which is about the Yeti or Hasselhoff crab!

Not many posts next week as I am doing a week of teaching experience at a local school, this is to help me bring the STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the fore more in my artistic practice.  It is the STEM side of my life that Rhys has interviewed me about.

Thanks for your visit and for reading :)

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