Friday 10 August 2012

Earth Womb to be published..

Exciting news;  My piece 'Earth Womb' 2011 is to be published in the Art Takes Times Square book to be published later this year.  I am very proud and happy and feel like my child is being given top marks!

For any artists reading this who are concerned about what may appear to be vanity publishing I have attached a copy of the emails which have gone between me and to give you more information with which you can make your own informed decision;
From: Artists Wanted <>
To: Christina <>
Sent: Tuesday, 7 August 2012, 16:27
Subject: Christina, Your Artwork Has Been Chosen for Publication

Art Takes Times Square
Dear Christina,
We have exciting news. After reviewing the work you submitted into the Art Takes Times Square competition, our Editorial Committee has chosen one of your pieces to be featured in our upcoming publication, Art Takes Times Square.
Out of the tens of thousands of artists who entered the Art Takes Times Square contest, only a select few will appear in this publication. You can take pride in knowing that your work was among the best we saw, and we believe this special coffee-table book will be even better with your art included.
Please visit here to include your artwork in Art Takes Times Square. As a contributing artist, you'll be able to pre-order the book at a significant discount. Act quickly if you would like your artwork to be included. We are printing a limited number of books, so ensure you get your copy.
Jeffrey Aldrich
Managing Editor

Christina Phillips, Aug 09 07:10 (EDT):

 Cheers, Christina.
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Christina Phillips <>
To: Artists Wanted <>
Sent: Thursday, 9 August 2012, 12:06
Subject: Re: Christina, Your Artwork Has Been Chosen for Publication

Dear Jeffrey,
Thank you for your mail, what a lovely surprise.  I would like to know some added information before making a purchase of the book if that's OK?  I have already filled in the form to say my work can be included but would like to know more about what I am buying before making a purchase which will need to be sent all the way to Britain. 

Could you tell me;   How many art works will be included in the book?  How many art works were chosen to be included in the book?  Do you have sections for sculpture, painting, photography etc.?  Is there a write up on any or all of the included artists?  How many pages is the book estimated to have?  What percentage of the artists who entered Art Takes Times Square have been chosen for inclusion?  Finally, how many books do you estimate will be sold worldwide outside of the artist community who entered the competition, do you have outlets arranged?  Sorry to bombard you but if you can answer my questions I will put it up on my blog and link to all my SM networks which should help you not to have to keep answering similar questions and will help to make your organisation seem more open and straight forward.
I have to say my head screamed vanity publishing when I was sent this because of the lead into buying the book being so large but the enter here buttons being much less obvious.  I don't think you need to do this and suspect you might get more purchases if you didn't.  But I am no advertising and marketing expert and I am sure you have consulted.
Thank you for choosing my piece for inclusion.

 Cheers, Christina.

Justine, Aug 09 14:02 (EDT):
Hello Christina,
Our editorial staff combed through thousands of Art Takes Times Square entries to select a few hundred of the best works. So therefore, a few hundred artists will be featured in the book, and take up 200-some pages. At this moment, I don't believe the works will be divided up based on media used. Some pages will have four artists' works featured, some will have two, and some will have the whole page for themselves. We will be carefully laying out the works in the most esthetically pleasing way possible.
Also, we do not have an estimate yet as to how many books we want to publish and send out in addition to the ones that are being pre-ordered right now. We do hope to distribute the books worldwide to other art organization and galleries within our network down the road, and are currently discussing arrangements.
It is our goal to make this book as accessible to the public as possible.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.
Thank you for your interest and feedback.
Justine C.
Artist Relations Coordinator:

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